My photography passion started with the birth of my first baby girl.  From the minute I laid eyes on her, I was determined to try to capture every little detail, from her sleepy smiles to how tiny she looked in her daddy’s arms.  Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours working at my craft – learning to really see the light and using it to tell a story.  It has opened my eyes to so many beautiful details in life, from the way light makes my youngest daughter’s eyes dance as she tells an animated story or provides a backlit halo as my children play dolls.

My style is best described as natural, warm, and organic.  I strive to evoke emotion in every photograph I take, whether it is the love of mother for her new baby or the joy of a family playing and being together.  As a mother, I have learned to appreciate the little details that are so fleeting, and this has helped to shape me as a photographer.  I love capturing these moments for my own family, and I hope to do the same for yours.